7 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyer in Spring TX with Relevant Law Experience”

  1. I wanted to thank you for coming to mynameisjamie.net. With him and other family in Tx I come down once a year from Pa. Inmates are so in need of help legally but really have no option because 99% are there because they had no attorney when they were forced to take plea deals. Only 3% actually have their fate decided in a court. If they don’t take a plea they are threatened with added charges. Out of the 17yrs he was given he has 4 1/2 left. I’ve been there for him the entire time. This is why I’m writing a book, “Inside the Forbidden Outside”.It started with what they did to force him into juvenile detention when he was 16 and kept him untill he was 21after a cop forced his way into their home. I know this isn’t your speciality and I’m not asking you to help. As an atty I thought you might want to read it. There are a half dozen chapters of my book on the blog. The JD story is called “The Sharp left Turn” It’s easy to find by scrolling down. Most of all, thank you for finding the blog.

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